Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.
Regardless of what another player does to you, the rules still apply.
Respect Players and Admins at all times.
No Racist/Homophobic/Harassing Language.
No engaging in any behaviour that consists of a player using game bugs/glitches for an unfair advantage.
No griefing the areas around spawn or the road ways.
No building on/too close to spawn.
No building within 100 blocks of another player without their permission.
No breaking blocks belonging to another player or placing new blocks in their base.
No griefing of bases or player made locations. (placing blocks, breaking blocks, setting off any kind of tnt)
No looting player drops unless in the pvp arena.
No stealing faction land.
No Xray Mods or texture packs.
No claiming land in the end or nether.
We are not interested in the number of players but we the quality. As such any behavior deemed to be destructive, offensive, or abusive in any way to the server/players will be subject to a ban. Bans are permanent and will NEVER be lifted.
All rules are subject to change and their enforcement is at admin discretion.
You can reach an admin via WEB [www.banefire.com] or EMAIL [admin@banefire.com].